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ioSmart Smart Card Readers and Cards

ioSmart Smart Cards and Multi-Technology Readers provide a cost-effective migration from older proximity cards to advanced smart card technology. This family provides enhanced security through end-to-end AES-128 encryption over RS-485 when used with Kantech’s KT-1 or newer KT-400 door controllers while it can be also used with any other access controller using Wiegand protocol. The readers are available in single-gang or mullion models with integrated backlit, capacitive touch keypad support for dual factor authentication and include an intuitive LED status bar that clearly indicates various access conditions to the user. These readers can be installed in a variety of indoor or outdoor applications.

ioSmart readers are uniquely designed with multi-purpose capabilities for broader access control applications. ioSmart readers offer choice of Cloudvue-managed mobile access control solutions that simplify security and reduce cost. With ioSmart readers, existing access control systems can continue use of legacy contactless card and key tag technologies, while benefiting from the increased security and convenience of supporting mobile smartphone-based credentialing. For more information visit: https://www.cloudvue.io/iosmart-access-control

  • * Cost-effective solution to transition to advanced technology
  • * Open technology provides versatility
  • * End-to-end encryption for added security
  • * Capacitive touch keypad available
  • * Bluetooth-ready for future proofing
  • * Unique design allows time-saving wiring to standard door contacts and T.Rex devices instead of pulling wires from these devices to the controller
  • * Mullion and single-gang models
  • * Available on KT-1 and newer KT-400 controllers
  • * Cloudvue cloud-enabled product
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