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GuardRFID Argus AllGuard

C•CURE 9000 and GuardRFID Argus AllGuard RFID integrated solution offers asset/personnel tracking and security functionality. With active RFID capability hands-free access control, presence detection and tracking movement of personnel/assets are enabled. Location and alarm events detected by the Argus AllGuard RFID platform are seamlessly displayed and acknowledged on the C•CURE 9000 user interface. Specific Argus events can be mapped to actions in C•CURE 9000 allowing functionality such as display of cameras that correspond to the location of the Argus event. The solution allows users to acknowledge system events in either GuardRFID client applications or C•CURE 9000 with synchronization between the applications.

  • * Custom active RFID / RTLS events creation in C•CURE 9000 with configurable actions
  • * Argus AllGuard event annunciation and acknowledgement within C•CURE 9000 application with auto-acknowledgement in Argus AllGuard
  • * Automatic recovery from Argus AllGuard or C•CURE 9000 system operation or communication disruptions
  • * Argus AllGuard RFID events presentable in C•CURE 9000 including: exit tag, tag presence, checkpoint, home area mismatch, tag tamper, tag loiter, node offline, duress and man down