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C•CURE 9000 Access Management

As an option within the C•CURE 9000 software, C•CURE 9000 Access Management offers a 24/7 solution for managing cardholder access requests without requiring direct involvement from the security team. C•CURE 9000 Access Management allows cardholders to make access requests through an intuitive, web-based portal. The self-service capabilities increase the agility of clearance owners' responses to cardholder access requests for temporary and contract employees, workers with drop-in work schedules or project-based self-organizing teams, and shift and facility changes.

The security team configures access management workflows to their policies’ approval and review processes. This allows security to centrally control and monitor access requests and approvals to help ensure compliance while empowering clearance owners with day-to-day control. These workflows reduce errors in the access approval and review process, and will help you log and track each step for compliance and auditing purposes.