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StoneLock GO Facial Recognition Reader

StoneLock® GO from StoneLock, Inc. is an extremely fast and accurate infrared biometric facial recognition device. It is designed for access control applications providing instant, easy, and reliable confirmation of identity. Combine StoneLock GO with EntraPass security management software and you have a solution that satisfies even the most stringent security applications looking to thwart common bad practices such as weak PINs, code sharing, propping doors open, etc.

  • * Completely contactless technology
  • * Faceless recognition protects user privacy without picture or video matching
  • * Universally compatible with all users regardless of gender, race, age or nationality
  • * Industry leading security, speed and accuracy
  • * Biometrics simplified: significantly reducing operational e ort to deploy, operate and use
  • * Unparalleled anti-spoofing, near infrared technology
  • * Best-in-class False Acceptance Rate (FAR)
  • * Seamless integration with EntraPass security management software
  • * Extremely simple QR-based reader programming, enrollment and two-factor authentication process
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