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Expansion Kit

The Expansion Kits offer a comprehensive and easy to install solution for small to medium size businesses to expand their access control system in one door increments (KT-1), two-door (KT-300) or four door increments (KT-400). The expansion kits are compatible with EntraPass Special Edition, Corporate Edition and Global Edition.

  • * Easy to install and easy to use
  • * Compatible with EntraPass Special Edition or Corporate Edition
  • * Compatible with KT-300/128K, KT-400 & the new KT-1 controller
  • * Integrate with IP Link (KT-IP) which provides communication over the network
  • * Integrate with modem which enables EntraPass to connect to remote sites (RS-232 from remote modem to controller)
  • * Contains ioProx P225XSF readers or ioProx P325XSF readers
  • * Includes ioProx P40KEY keyfob, USB-485 converter, KT-BATT-12 battery, TR6175 transformer or TR1640P/UL transformer, KT-RM1 relay, DU-MODEM-RS modem, and KT-IP communication device.
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