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Integration Tools

AC2000 API

This integration tool provides a standardized and convenient way to interface an external system into AC2000. This eradicates the need to design and develop custom interfaces, where changes would typically have been made to both systems. Third party developers can use the API to produce their own interface to the AC2000 systems.


AC2000 BACnet Interface

The AC2000 BACnet interface provides a simple and efficient way to integrate AC2000 with third party building management systems. BACnet is a communications protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks.


AC2000 External Systems

The AC2000 External Systems Interface removes the need for custom software development when an interface to a third party system is required. It provides the user with a quick and easy way of configuring their own interface.


AC2000 Instant Data Export Tool

The AC2000 Instant Data Export Tool process is a perfect solution for low-level integration where Security Management System database changes are automatically reported to third party systems such as Human Resources or Enterprise Resource Planning. This means that the database of an interfaced third party system can be continuously synchronised with the AC2000 database without developing a custom AC2000 system integration.


AC2000 OPC Interface

The AC2000 OPC DA interface enables alarms to be sent using OPC DA protocol to OPC DA clients such as remote control centres, building management systems, security management and analysis systems. This bi-directional interface also allows the external system to cancel manually cancellable alarms and issue a remote door commands back to the AC2000 access control system.


AC2000 XML Interface

The AC2000 XML (Extensible Markup Language) interface provides a simple and efficient way to import basic cardholder details into the AC2000 access control system.