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Otis Elevator Compass™ Destination Entry

Easily view elevator activity on the C•CURE 9000 monitoring station with the powerful integration with Otis Elevator Compass™ Destination Entry. The Otis Compass Destination Entry System dynamically assigns passengers to an elevator that will provide the fastest and most efficient route to their destinations. The solution is an interconnected computer system comprised of touch screens, keypads, computer servers, and switches called the Destination Dispatching System (DDS), which are connected to a bank of Otis elevators and the C•CURE 9000 security and event management system.

  • * Grants or denies access to destination based on C•CURE 9000 clearances
  • * Provides visibility to elevator activity from the C•CURE 9000 monitoring station
  • * Seamlessly integrates with the Otis Destination Dispatching System (DDS) showing personnel elevator activity
  • * Create triggers for activating C•CURE 9000-based events and alarms
  • * Supports front and rear elevator door configurations
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