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Cheetah SE and SE Bio High Assurance Smart Card Readers

Innometriks Cheetah SE High Assurance Smart Card Reader is low cost, compact, highly secure, keypad reader designed to meet implementation paths recommended by NIST SP800-116, which provides Federal agencies and non-governmental organizations with risk-based guidelines for the incremental rollout of PIV-enabled access points. The Cheetah SE Reader’s advanced architecture allows seamless integration into a range of existing physical access control systems for authentication and network environments for administration.

With the Cheetah SE Bio model biometric enrollments are linked to a card and synced to appropriate readers for dual-factor authentication and access. Alternately, templates may be stored on the card itself and read through a contactless transaction during an authentication.

  • * Low cost high assurance reader for installations requiring two-factor authentication
  • * Easy to deploy, flexible and highly secure authentication solution for physical access
  • * Web-based, centralized reader management
  • * Supports Software House RM reader functionality
  • * Strong OSDP Secure Channel RS-485 connectivity
  • * Contactless and contact + contactless models available
  • * Indoor and outdoor configurations