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Illustra Insight Frictionless Access Control

Designed and supported by a single manufacturer, Tyco Illustra integration with Software House C•CURE 9000 combines the quality surveillance of a leading-edge facial recognition camera, with a comprehensive access control solution to create a frictionless, unobtrusive experience for all. Install into areas with both traditional and modern wiring protocols.

Purpose built camera for access controlm Illustra Insight is a purpose built camera for access control with anti-spoofing “liveness detection” to eliminate the risk of spoofing via photographic image or even video, and to greatly increase accuracy while reducing false positives. Integrated color LEDs combined with audible “Welcome/Deny” prompts provide intuitive feedback on access granted and access denied.

Authentication can be configured as facial biometric only, for an unobtrusive frictionless access experience that helps improve the flow of valid users in a secure environment. It can also be configure as card plus facial biometric multi-factor authentication via Duo Mobile for an additional layer of security for areas requiring two-factor authentication.

Facial recognition enabled by Tyco AI
Tyco AI (artificial intelligence) is an ever-evolving cerebral engine engineered with deep learning algorithms and cybersecurity protocols that goes beyond surveillance and access to enhance a security ecosystem. Using Tyco AI, Illustra Insight can recognize and make decisions about a face in the camera's field of view. Illustra Insight utilizes two lenses and a combination of IR and RGB video to distinguish between an actual person, and a printed image or video of them. The wider field of view allows faces to be detected at varying heights, including wheelchair and taller individuals.

  • * Purpose-built camera for frictionless access control
  • * Access control and video from a single manufacturer to streamline support
  • * Fully integrated with C•CURE 9000 (2.80 SP2)
  • * Integrated facial biometric enrollment via C•CURE 9000 Personnel
  • * Seamless integration with Duo Mobile for multi-factor authentication
  • * Facial biometric-only verification for a frictionless unobtrusive experience
  • * Anti-spoofing liveness detection to reduce false positives
  • * Cybersecurity protection with no data held in the camera
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