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C•CURE Go Reader
High Security Mobile Solution

We are pleased to introduce the availability of two new hardware platforms for the Software House C•CURE Go Reader, our innovative mobile solution that extends the capabilities of the C•CURE 9000 security and event management system with portable secure access control functionality. Go Reader is now available on the new Access ER Android device from Coppernic, featuring a multi-tech HID read head and built-in barcode scanner. And we now support the Wave Nano USB-C read heads from RFIdeas, allowing customers to use their own Android devices and simply plug in the Prox or iCLASS read head into the device’s USB-C port. In either case, C•CURE Go Reader acts as a “virtual door” in C•CURE 9000, and lets you grant or deny access in even the most remote, disconnected areas.

  • * Swipe-and-Show Mode, for Card Validation
  • * Roll Call Mode, for Emergency Mustering
  • * Checkpoint Mode, for Personnel Control
  • * iSTAR Online Reader Mode, for taking over an existing iSTAR door