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Lynx Network Duress and Emergency Notification Systems

The Lynx Network Duress and Emergency Notification Systems is a turnkey emergency notification solution, from Micro Technology Services, Inc., that links dozens of alarm devices to a variety of audible or visual warning outputs. When integrated with Software House C•CURE 9000 security and event management system, without any human interaction from dispatch, you’re able to instantly communicate any type of event to a variety of devices (e.g., radios, strobes, phones, computers and PAs), directly through the Lynx System.

Lynx Managed Solution is a hosted platform enabling a connection between C•CURE 9000 (SDK required) and any of the Lynx outputs such as an integration with a facilities existing radios. Designed for smaller applications where users may not need the full functionality of Lynx provides a cost-effective way to initiate emergency notifications campus wide.This solution is ideal for universities, healthcare facilities and other heavily populated, dispersed organizations looking to protect students, patients, visitors and employees.

  • * Duress alarms and emergency notification through C•CURE 9000
  • * Install anywhere within your local area network
  • * Instantly communicate alerts using security radios, strobes, phones, computers, PAs and more
  • * Easily create a combination of panic alarms with keyboard, USB, and wireless devices
  • * Initiate verbal messages to existing radios with text-to-speech or pre-recorded messages
  • * Automatically alerts of potential security threats with pop-up messages
  • * Easily link with images, maps, IP cameras, and important procedures
  • * Ideal solution for education, healthcare, corporate and manufacturing applications