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Schlage Electronic Locks

C•CURE 9000 and C•CURE 800/8000 seamlessly integrate with Schlage AD-Series electronic locks to provide a cost-effective and scalable access control solution. Available in hardwired and wireless configurations, these locks fit almost any environment. A number of features are built in, depending on the lock, which are configurable in the field. The locks combine all of the components typically found around the door; such as the credential reader, door position switch, and the request-to-exit switch in one convenient device to simplify installation.

  • * Provides real-time monitoring, audit trails, centralized lockdown, and instant access control directly from a C•CURE system monitoring station
  • * Configure, view, and update AD-Series electronic lock objects from a C•CURE security system interface
  • * Communicates with entire suite of iSTAR door controllers
  • * Supports magnetic stripe cards (Track 2), proximity HID 125 kHz cards, 13.56 MHz smart cards, multi-tech – 125 kHz prox & 13.56 MHz smart cards, and PIV II (FIPS 201) cards
  • * Delivered in one fully integrated package: card reader, electronic lock, request-to exit sensor, door position switch, and four standard AA batteries (wireless lock)
  • * FIPS-201 compliant lock options available
  • * Perfect for dorm rooms, elevators, gates, entrance doors, computer rooms, electrical closets, offices, and medical laboratories
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