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Access Control + Event Management

From access control to total control, C•CURE security solutions enable businesses to better secure and manage their security and business infrastructures.

C•CURE IQ Security Client

C•CURE IQ Security Client is our browser-based client formally called C•CURE 9000 web-based client. Built on a cybersecure web platform, C•CURE IQ lets you manage and monitor access control and video surveillance from anywhere in the world. With its adaptive interface, every user from front-desk reception to security operations management gets the information they need when they need it.


C•CURE 9000 Security + Event Management Solutions

With unsurpassed integration and enterprise capabilities C•CURE 9000 access control and event management solutions allow businesses to customize security to their specific needs. Learn more about C•CURE 9000 solutions.


C•CURE Migration Featuring Data Migration and Replication Utilities

Software House provides the tools and expertise necessary to have a successful migration from C•CURE 800/8000 to C•CURE 9000.