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CEM S3060

The CEM S3060 portable card reader is a rugged and lightweight handheld device designed for use with AC2000 access control and security management system. It can be used for ID card validation at temporary entrances or remote sites which have no power and can be used as a mobile device for random checks within pre-defined zones of large commercial sites. Other scenarios include construction sites, bus and train stations, airside/ landside boundaries, and random checks within large commercial sites.

  • Cardholder Details – Stored cardholder photographs are displayed on the reader along with Name, and Date of Birth, allowing for additional visual verification.
  • Mustering – The S3060 portable readers contains the current system muster state, allowing for usage in a muster situation where the muster count is decremented as each person swipes their card. (Mustering is used, for example in the evacuation of cardholders to a safe location in the event of an emergency). A report is provided which shows the details of cardholders who still need to present their card.
  • Roaming - The S3060 portable readers can be temporarily assigned a different pre-defined reader address. This allows a single portable reader to be used across multiple card verification zones.
  • Occupancy Mode – This allows a cardholder head count in a defined area preventing card sharing. Occupancy mode provides the ability to do spot checks on a pre-defined group of people in a defined area, e.g. a bus or plane.
  • Increased Storage – The S3060 portable reader holds over 500,000 cardholder records and up to 50,000 offline transactions.
Model No.
RDR/306/008S3060 Portable Card Reader HID Prox, Mifare/DESFire CSN, DESFire AES, iClass SE/SR/SEOS, Includes: USB cable, charger (PSU) and plug adapter for EU/US/UK
MEE/306/004Docking station for S3060 Portable Card Reader with Ethernet Adapter and additional battery charger Includes: charger, plug adapters for EU, UK and US, USB/RJ45 adapter dongle
MEE/306/008Protective leather case for S3060 Portable Card Reader with RFID Logo
MEE/306/009Synthetic holster for S3060 Portable Card Reader with belt loop and without clip
MEE/306/007Extra battery 3.85V 4000 mAh for S3060 Portable Card Reader
MEE/306/006UK plug adapter for S3060 Portable Card Reader
MEE/306/106UK plug adapter for S3060 Portable Card Reader Docking Station