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The RM-DCM-2 is a powerful, UL Listed, tamper-protected enclosure housing the full featured RM-4E door control module. The RM-4E module provides the critical link between the Software House controllers and any access control reader.

  • * Full-featured local door control module lowers wiring costs
  • * Complete set of inputs and outputs to control one door
  • * Flexible control options for reader LEDs and beep patterns
  • * Easily expandable
  • * Additional internal etch connections support magnetic lock features and accommodate local bypass switch
  • * Optional LCD provides clear instructions that help simplify startup and diagnostics
  • * Status LEDs on inputs and outputs for quick troubleshooting
  • * Built-in tamper switch provides secure installation
  • * Plug-in screw terminals reduce installation time
  • * Built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides standby power
  • * RM-4E module may be purchased separately