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StopWare™ PassagePoint

StopWare™ PassagePoint visitor management solution integrates with C•CURE 9000 and C•CURE 800/8000 access control systems. Combining PassagePoint visitor management solution with C•CURE, the front desk personnel can easily track visitors as they enter or exit the facility. The complete, database-driven software automatically organizes entry and exit data for easy record keeping. StopWare™ PassagePoint allows for greater visitor tracking along with consistent record keeping.

  • Print visitor badges on demand or prior to arrival (for pre-registered guests)
  • Sign in visitors quickly and easily without long wait times
  • Pre-register individuals or groups
  • Store data for as long as needed
  • Easily import employee directory information or use live directory linking
  • Automatically announce visitors via email
  • Sort and search by any field
  • Print, preview, or export standard and custom reports
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