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Fortem Omnipresence 3D Security Platform

With the integration of C•CURE 9000 and Fortem Omnipresence 3D Security Platform, it is now possible to unify a command center’s access control system with all other security systems within a facility. By unifying these specialized systems within a unique 3D mapping interface, Omnipresence 3D provides the most advanced interface for complete command and control, and situational awareness within a facility. Using a plug-in based architecture, the Omnipresence 3D Server connects directly to the C•CURE 9000 system, enabling two-way communication. Omnipresence 3D Central Command receives live alarms and events, and provides the operator with the ability to control access points and search through historical event logs.

  • * Full integration within Omnipresence 3D Central Command
  • * Lock/unlock doors via the 3D map in Central Command
  • * Augmented-reality control over doors within video feeds from any integrated 3rd party video system
  • * Link C•CURE access-controlled doors with cameras from any (or multiple) integrated 3rd party video systems
  • * Live event and alarm feed in Central Command from C•CURE 9000
  • * Common alarm prioritization across all security systems
  • * Standard operating procedures attached to each alarm
  • * In depth event and alarm history search via Omnipresence 3D Central Command