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Multi-Technology Readers

Kantech Multi-Technology Readers provide a multi-protocol, multi-frequency solution that reads multiple 13.56 MHz smart card technologies, MIFARE® encrypted sectors, and most of the common 125 kHz proximity cards including ioProx with Kantech XSF format - all from one reader. The readers are perfect if you want to transition to smart cards over time or if you want to utilize both smart cards and proximity cards at your facility. Kantech Multi-Technology Readers make access control more powerful, more versatile, and more cost-effective by allowing you to implement a smart card solution over time. While you are transitioning to smart cards, the Multi-Technology Readers will read both the existing collection of proximity cards and smart cards.

  • * Reads more than 12 different types of proximity cards and contactless smart cards, including ioProx with Kantech XSF
  • * Uses encryption and custom keys for secure transmission of card data
  • * Download new functionality or enhancements for a future-proof solution
  • * Built-in tamper switch provides secure installation
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