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Hosted & managed access control

Leverage the power of hattrix hosted & managed access controlhattrix allows you to manage access control for your entire organization, from one door to thousands spread across globe, from anywhere.

Working with a hattrix Managed Service Provider (MSP), you can choose a hattrix hosted or fully managed solution designed and deployed for your specific needs. From mobile applications for business agility to enhanced capabilities for greater efficiency, hattrix delivers impactful innovation while its lower cost-of-entry and lower cost-of-ownership provides real cost savings and higher productivity. It’s time to ask more from your access control solution, hattrix delivers.

hattrix utilizes industry-renowned EntraPass security management software, accessible via web interface and mobile app. A choice of hosted or managed access control services means you will get the solution that best fits your specific business needs.

Key benefits

Reduced time and effort Never again make a backup, buy software, or drive to the office to unlock a door Manage from anywhere – Using any computer or mobile device

Cost effective Predictable costs – A small per-door fee replaces the costs of infrastructure, training, IT involvement, manpower and maintenance inefficiencies

Peace of mind Cutting edge technology – 128-bit AES encryption, low bandwidth usage, real-time operation Professional management – The system is backed up and redundant, and access control is administered by security experts