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Proximex Surveillint™

The Software House C•CURE 9000 and Proximex Surveillint™ integration enables C•CURE 9000 to bi-directionally communicate and integrate with the Surveillint centralized console. This integration offers a complete view of all security activity in a single view in real time – no longer is it necessary to try to watch all security systems in the security center at the same time. Surveillint integrates new and existing security systems into a common platform and connects disparate information to mitigate risk across an enterprise environment. This provides actionable intelligence, quick security incident resolution, and reduction of security operations costs.

  • * View Proximex Surveillint™ alarm status changes from C•CURE 9000 monitoring station
  • * View C•CURE 9000 alarms, alarm status changes, and alarm details directly from the Surveillint interface
  • * Acknowledge, close, or delete C•CURE 9000 alarms in Surveillint
  • * Display C•CURE 9000 device icons and control access control devices on a Surveillint graphical map
  • * Display C•CURE 9000 door activity and card swipes with card attributes in Surveillint when alarms are generated
  • * Control C•CURE 9000 actions such as lock/unlock door, momentary access, query door activity from Surveillint
  • * Assign rules to C•CURE 9000 alarms to change severity levels, take specific actions, display response tasks, escalate levels, and more.