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KONE Polaris Destination Control System (DCS)

C•CURE 9000 integrates with the KONE Polaris elevator system, improving building security and efficiency, and passenger convenience. KONE Polaris incorporates desired destination floors and the number of waiting passengers to provide the fastest and most efficient routes. In addition, KONE Polaris continuously monitors traffic behavior and intuitively adapts to different traffic patterns in order to provide the optimum service at all times. The C•CURE 9000 and KONE Polaris elevator integration provides benefits for all types of buildings, from large office facilities to hotels and residential complexes.

  • * Integrated control of access to floors
  • * Control what floors can be accessed based on a schedule
  • * Support for KONE redundant servers, providing improved reliability of integrated solution
  • * Reduced journey times for passengers
  • * Easy configuration of offline mode within C•CURE ensures security policies when elevator system is disconnected
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