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Web + Mobile Apps

C•CURE 9000 Web-based Client

Built on a new cybersecure web platform, the Software House C•CURE 9000 web-based access control client lets you manage personnel from anywhere in the world on any PC with an internet browser.



C•CURE 9000 Web provides a standardized approach to security management regardless of your location using the browser on your laptop or mobile device.


C•CURE Go Mobile

Software House's C•CURE Go mobile app enables you to interact with C•CURE 9000 security management software using only a few taps on your mobile device.


C•CURE Go Reader

C•CURE Go Reader lets you grant or deny access in even the most remote, disconnected areas such as construction sites, offline events and roaming security checkpoints.


C•CURE Go Install

Get real-time system data via a smartphone using Bluetooth technology to quickly configure network settings, easily view device status, and reboot iSTAR Ultra LT door controllers.


Duo Mobile - Multi-Factor Authentication

The C•CURE 9000 integration with Duo Mobile leverages proven IT technology for logical access and applies it to on-demand authentication for physical access control.


C•CURE Visit Verified Identity using Civic

Software House C•CURE Visit Verified Identity using Civic secure identity platform helps businesses improve on-site visitor management with fast and secure identity verification within the C•CURE 9000 security and event management platform.