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KT-200 Door Controller

The KT-200 Door Controller is the basis of a 2-door access control system. The KT-200 is capable of controlling two separate doors or a single door (with readers on each side of the door). To form the system, each KT-200 is linked to other KT-200s using an "RS-485" communication bus. A smaller initial system can grow to secure hundreds of doors just by adding more controllers and the appropriate software.

  • * 2 doors / 2 readers panel
  • * Built-in power supply for door locks (24 VDC)
  • * 16 supervised inputs
  • * 2 form C relays
  • * RS-485 / RS-232 communication ports
  • * Optional REB-8 relay modules (2 per KT-200)
  • * Lithium batteries for memory backup
  • * Status LED on board
  • * ABA - Wiegand - BCD data input
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