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Financial / Banking

Financial institutions face many challenges in today's economic climate. The ability to protect customers, staff, assets and premises is as important to a bank as providing customers with a more open 'self service' style of banking, but this can leave staff more vulnerable to physical attack.



Common issues associated with multisite financial institutions include monitoring high risk areas, customer and staff safety and managing restricted access. All these challenges however can be met with an integrated solution from Tyco Security Products.


Monitoring High Risk Areas

With ATMs requiring regular replenishment and the self service style 'fast drop' facilities needing emptying, the risk of security issues from robberies, muggings, forced withdrawals and even ram raids is increased. Our integrated solution can be configured to respond to movement with a cameras field of view which in turn is recorded via the digital video recorder. An alarm is activated and displayed live on the Tyco access control system enabling the operator to respond in an appropriate manner. Having this video footage as evidence can greatly increase the chance of recovering stolen cash.

Restricted Access

Customer and Staff Safety

With the move to reducing physical barriers in branches, electronic security can help make it more difficult for unauthorized personnel to gain access to restricted areas. Using our access control badging software each employee can be issued one ID/access card which eliminates the need for multiple cards for multiple sites, thus reducing time and cost. This one card grants them access depending on their security level, for example to offices but not to safety deposit box rooms.

The ever present and worrying threat to staff and customers is of violence from bank raids, ATM muggings, forced cash withdrawals and even ram raids. Having cameras positioned effectively and recording high quality images is an essential deterrent. It gives peace of mind knowing that any incidents will be seen on cameras and then recorded onto the Video Management System. Video clips can be quickly exported to DVD/USB for any ensuing police investigation.

With an integrated solution from Tyco International we can provide a proven application for your unique Financial and Banking requirements.