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Iris ID IrisAccess™ iCAM 7S Series Iris Readers

The integration between C•CURE 9000 security and event management system and Iris ID’s iCAM 7S Series iris readers provides a powerful, multi-factor biometric identity solution. The result is a secure, versatile, and flexible biometric access control management system. The iCAM 7S Series features fast, fully automatic dual iris capture and a non-contact, hygienic reader capable of rapid iris authentication. When used with C•CURE 9000, the readers become part of a powerful security management system that can monitor events, manage personnel, create reports and operate from one user interface.

  • * Easy, non-intrusive, non-contact user interface
  • * Integrated high resolution face capture camera
  • * Intuitive user interface with visual/audio queues for fast enrollment/identification from iCAM readers
  • * Encryption countermeasures and anti-proof features built into the iCAM hardware and EAC software
  • * High accuracy 1:N and 1:1 capabilities
  • * High speed for high throughput
  • * Optional integrated contactless smart card reader
  • * Capacity for optional built-in third-party surveillance cameras
  • * Optical tampeOnboard Time and Attendance capabilities with built-in transaction logs
  • * Flush or recess mounting options
  • * Iris ID algorithm recognized and tested by NIST
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