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Scramble Keypad

Schlage® SERlll-W Scramble Keypad's unique design prevents onlookers from detecting the PIN when it's entered on a keypad. When the PIN is being entered, the LED displays a randomly allocated set of numbers from 0 to 9 to prevent onlookers from deciphering the number. The position of the numbers changes every time the keypad is activated so that only the user standing directly in front of the keypad can see the scrambled digits.

  • * Narrow viewing angle of the lighted, scramble digits provides added privacy
  • * The membrane keypad is extremely durable
  • * Random allocation of digits ensures even wear to the keys
  • * Individual PINs can be assigned up to nine digits for added security
  • * SERlll-W keypad IP65 weatherproof rating and durable polycarbonate enclosure protects against weather duress
  • * An audible alarm signals when a button is depressed
  • * Perform power-up diagnostics and self-test routines directly from the scramble keypad
  • * The SERlll-W is provided with Wiegand communication protocol
  • * Over 3.6 million unique key position permutations
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