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Best® Wi-Q™ Wireless Locks Integration

C•CURE 9000 integrates with Best® Wi-Q™ wireless locks from Dormakaba Group to provide a smart and easy-to-use access control solution. Best Wi-Q technology enables bi-directional communication between wireless readers and C•CURE 9000 providing control for parking gates, turnstiles, electromagnetic locks, electric strikes and many other electronic devices. The system’s 128-bit AES security encryption and ultra-smart power consumption provides unsurpassed near-online benefits without added installation costs. With no need for additional wiring, Best Wi-Q locks can be installed or retrofitted at existing facilities with little or no operational disruption.

  • * Wireless communication secured through 128-bit AES encryption
  • * Supports multiple card formats including: magnetic stripe, dual validation, and HID® proximity
  • * All access and scheduling decisions made at the door
  • * Card access technology works during network and power failures
  • * Triple redundant storage of transactional data at reader, gateway, and host
  • * Collision avoidance methods promote trouble-free wireless operation
  • * Hardware managed remotely including monitoring, configuration, and firmware updates
  • * Heavy-duty locks available in mortise, cylindrical, and exit style trim
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