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Cem Systems

CEM Systems is a leading provider of access control and fully integrated enterprise security management systems. CEM uniquely manufactures the access control software and hardware, offering one of the most comprehensive, resilient and flexible security management solutions available. Our solutions are accessible to a range of industries and different sized sites, and have been successfully installed throughout the world at airports, ports, petrochemical plants, universities, hospitals, corporate premises and more. CEM Systems provides a highly stable, proven security solution for installations where security is of paramount importance.

Access Control System

AC2000 is a powerful and reliable enterprise access control and integrated security management system. As CEM manufacturers both the AC2000 hardware and software, AC2000 is renowned in the industry as one of the most comprehensive and flexible security systems available.

Card Readers

The CEM range of intelligent card readers are the most advanced in the industry and are designed for use with the powerful AC2000 access control and security management system.

Controllers & Modules

CEM offers an advanced range of intelligent IP and serial door controllers designed to interface third party readers with the AC2000 access control system. When an encrypted panel approach is required RS485 serial encrypted door controllers are available for use with the CEM sPass DESFire smart card reader. CEM also manufacturers input/output modules for controlling external equipment and door interface units which provide power to a door lock/reader and improve door security.

Illustra Insight Frictionless Access

The CEM Systems AC2000 integration with Illustra Insight combines the quality surveillance of a leading-edge facial recognition camera, integrated with a comprehensive access control solution to create a frictionless, unobtrusive experience for all.

Integrated Solutions

For a complete integrated security management solution, the AC2000 access control system provides powerful integration tools and high levels of integration with various third party security and business applications.These integrated applications can be easily managed from the central AC2000 command and control application - AC2000 Security Hub; providing a seamless security management system (SMS) for access control, video, fire, intrusion and much more.