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C•CURE Go Install

C•CURE Go Install mobile app provides real-time system data via a smartphone using Bluetooth technology to quickly configure network settings, easily view device status, and reboot iSTAR Ultra LT door controllers. The mobile app replaces a traditional LCD that provides pertinent iSTAR Ultra LT system data for installers and users of the system, and allows the installer to set up and troubleshoot the controller without climbing a ladder. Once you set up an iSTAR Ultra LT with network parameters using the mobile app, the controller connects to the C•CURE 9000 server, all configuration data is downloaded from the server, and the iSTAR Ultra LT controller is managed centrally from C•CURE 9000.

  • * Quickly configure network settings and monitor live output of iSTAR Ultra LT
  • * Easily view recorded data and boot-up log information for quick audit trail
  • * Quickly reboot iSTAR Ultra LT when needed
  • * Supported on both iOS and Android platforms
  • * Available for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play
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