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TST-100 Touchscreen Terminal

TST-100 Touchscreen Terminal brings more intelligence to the door than ever before. The Terminal’s sleek interface offers touchscreen functionality for utilizing powerful keypad commands or implementing duress functionality. The intuitive terminal interface offers clear icon-based status indications for access granted or denied, prompts to enter a PIN when needed, and door status conditions such as Door Unlocked. A large, bright keypad prompts when a PIN is required, either for traditional card access or for arming or disarming an intrusion zone.

TST-100 connects securely connecting securely over full duplex RS-485 to an IP-ACM Ethernet Door Module using AES 256 encrypted communications. With a built-in PIR sensor, the terminal also features energy-saving motion detection, which enables the LCD screen to automatically light up when someone approaches.

  • * 4.3 capacitive touchscreen provides ideal user experience
  • * Intuitive icon-driven user interface for both access control and intrusion
  • * Encrypted RS-485 communications
  • * Easily arm and disarm intrusion zones using card, PIN, or combination
  • * Built-in motion sensor saves screen life
  • * Menu-driven keypad commands for custom operations
  • * Compatible with all iSTAR door controllers
  • * Supports Software House RM and smart reader protocols
  • * Supports a wide range of smart card technologies including DESFire EV1 and EV2, HID iCLASS, iCLASS SE, iCLASS Seos and HID Proximity
  • * Future-proof design allows users to add features as they become available…all with easy firmware download