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Input / Output Modules

The Kantech Input, Output, and Relay family of modules (INP16, OUT16, REL8, IO16) provide a flexible, cost-effective means to expand the Input/ Output functionality of the KT-1 and KT-400 door controllers.

The INP16 input module provides 16 supervised inputs with a maximum of 256 inputs per door controller; while the OUT16 output module provides 16 open collector outputs that can also be used as an Elevator Control Interface (ECI) with up to 16 relays (up to 64 floors for elevator control). For additional relays the REL8 increases flexibility by giving you the option to add 8 relays to the KT-400 door controller and can also be used as an ECI with a maximum 256 relays per controller (up to 64 floors for elevator control).

The RS-485 Input/Output Module (IO16) is easy to install and configure, featuring 16 terminals (configurable in lots of 4). This single unit enhances the functionality of the door controller by expanding its capacity and, eliminating the need to have additional lines of input/ output modules linked to a system. Common applications include: alarm monitoring and elevator control.

  • * Provides cost-effective expansion of input and output capacity
  • * Small, modular size requires minimal panel space
  • * Reduces length of sensor and control wiring (IO16)
  • * Dedicated tamper input included on each module
  • * 16 terminals for use as inputs/ outputs or elevator control (IO16)
  • * 16 LED indicators offering visual status of each terminal enable quick diagnostics and troubleshooting (IO16)
  • * Total of 256 inputs and 256 outputs per KT controller (IO16)
  • * Compatible with KT-1 and KT-400 Door Controllers
  • * Fully compatible with EntraPass Security Management Software (IO16 v8.10 and higher)
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