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Duo Mobile - Multi-Factor Authentication

C•CURE 9000 integration with Duo Mobile leverages proven IT technology for logical access and applies it to on-demand authentication for physical access control. Duo Mobile works with C•CURE 9000 to verify personnel identity using two-factor authentication before granting access to critical corporate property and assets. This gives companies two-factor authentication without the need to add additional hardware/technology such as biometric readers and smart cards. With this added layer of security, users receive a push notification on their mobile phone the moment their badge is used, and have the option to approve or deny the access request as a second form of authentication. This helps to mitigate against lost or stolen cards.

  • * Verify identities with on-demand two-factor authentication
  • * Auto-enroll personnel from C•CURE 9000
  • * Self-registration via mobile app download enhances user experience
  • * Supported by iSTAR controllers - no hardware replacement or retrofits
  • * Easy to deploy and manage
  • * Lower cost alternative to biometric readers and smart cards