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On August 27, 2004, Homeland Security Directive 12 (HSPD-12) was issued by President George W. Bush which mandated a new requirement for a government smart card standard. It was this initiative by the Federal Government that mandated a new standard for identification of Federal Government employees and contractors.

This mandate established requirements for a common interoperable government credential that can be used for logical and physical access control. This requirement also influenced similar smart card credentials for the Department of Defense (DOD) and Airports and Ports, to replace its legacy credentials with the newer smart cards.

The process of issuing and enrollment of these smart cards has driven tighter integration of enrollment and smart card authentication requirements with the physical access control systems (PACS).

There is also a move towards modernization of older legacy systems to more robust computing platforms and open system architecture for integration and interoperability with other sub-systems such as Visitor management, IDS, CCTV and building systems.



Common issues associated with government facilities which are often multi-site are disparate legacy PACS, authentication of employees, contractors, visitors, managing access levels and system integration. All these challenges can be met with an integrated solution from Tyco access control and video solutions.


Multi-site, disparate legacy Physical Access Control Systems

Tyco is a leading developer of access control and integrated security management systems software. Using our innovative technology a number of federal government agencies have been able to develop plans to address their needs. Over the last several years, these agencies have realized cost savings by consolidating and improving management and administrative processes and implementing uniform system training and maintenance operations. Results to date have been impressive with a new Security Command Center, consolidation of disparate security systems and more effective management and operations for a more efficient cost savings operation.

Smart Card Enrollment/Authentication/Incursion from Unwanted Visitors/Restricted Access

Perception is important. People have to believe that they and their property are safe on site, and with our integrated system they will do just that. Using our access control smart card enrollment and authentication solution, government employees or contractors can use its government issued smart card which does away with the need for multiple cards. This one card grants access to specific areas but not to restricted areas.

One of Tyco's access control solutions, the PIVCheck integration, provides a solid three-step authentication process that is ideal for government applications. The software extracts cardholder data from a smart card, validates the cardholder's PIN, and completes on-card biometrics matching. Digital certificates are verified by security personnel using the issuer's certificate authority, SCVP, OCSP responder/repeater, or the TSA hot list (TWIC cardholders). All cards are validated using FIPS-201 challenge-response protocol in order to identify forged or cloned cards.

In the case of an emergency the system can lock down all doors or just auto lock them at a given time of day. Any unauthorized access attempts or movements in predefined fields of view will trigger an alarm that will be captured by the cameras and then recorded onto the Digital Video Management System. With our integration we can provide a proven solution for your unique government requirements. Please view our "Special Applications" for the government sector on our website.