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Stratus Technologies' everRun Extend Disaster Recovery Solution

Stratus Technologies’ everRun Extend provides a disaster recovery, business continuity solution for C•CURE systems. Extend is a valuable solution in Stratus’ product family, giving you the advantage of having your system down for mere minutes or hours vs. days or weeks. Many organizations look to minimize system downtime. When systems are down, security monitoring operations stop and this can have a huge impact on a company’s employees and assets. Sometimes data can be lost – forever.

  • Disaster recovery for end-to-end application availability
  • Protects against site-wide outages with off-site disaster recovery
  • Geographic failover over a WAN connection
  • Automated system requires minimal IT staff to operate
  • Works hand-in-hand with Stratus fault tolerant solutions
  • Flexible replication options
  • Unmatched price-performance to fit any budget
  • Alerts authorized personnel of system failure conditions
  • Compatible with C•CURE 9000 and C•CURE 800/8000