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KT- 400

KT-400 is an Ethernet-ready four-door controller that provides 128-bit AES encrypted communication with the EntraPass system and is a highly secure solution for any security-conscious business. KT-400 can easily be integrated into an existing EntraPass system with other Kantech controllers (KT-100 and KT-300) or can provide the foundation for a brand new security installation.

  • * Configure and manage four doors using a simple embedded web browser – no software to purchase and install (Standalone Mode, KT-400rev1).
  • * Intuitive configuration wizard for quick set up (Standalone Mode, KT-400rev1)
  • * Onboard Ethernet 128-bit AES-encrypted communication with the EntraPass system ensures a high degree of network security
  • * 100,000 cards capacity and provides up to 20,000 concurrent events in stand-alone mode
  • * 256 outputs (four onboard) provide scalability
  • * Communicates with the EntraPass Gateway only when an event has occurred, ensuring low network bandwidth consumption (Special and Corporate Editions only).
  • * Verify and configure IP settings with a built-in web configuration page
  • * Supervised door lock outputs with internal or external power supply
  • * LEDs provide important controller status and diagnostic information.
  • * Additional battery supervision and monitoring help ensure controller functionality
  • * Compatible with EntraPass Security Management Software v6.02 or higher.