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Quantum Secure SAFE/SAFE Agent

Quantum Secure SAFE integrates with Software House’s C•CURE 9000 access control system to enable data exchange between the two systems in a seamless manner. The integration ensures that all types of physical identities, whether personnel or visitors, are provisioned in C•CURE 9000 based on defined rules and policies within SAFE. SAFE agents listen for data updates and apply changes in near real-time from an authoritative data source such as a HRMS/IDMS system. Based on these workflows, changes and updates are broadcasted to C•CURE 9000. SAFE allows interoperability by automating the process of managing physical identities, provisioning their access in the control systems, and managing the results of security check. A log file of all the transactions that happen between SAFE and C•CURE 9000 is also maintained for audit purposes. SAFE modules that leverage this agent functionality include SAFE Physical Identity and Access Manager (PIAM) and SAFE Visitor Identity Manager (VIM).

  • SAFE centrally manages all types of identities i.e. employees, visitors, contractors and service providers
  • Utilizes the Import Watcher functionality within C•CURE 9000 access control system to automatically provision cardholders
  • Provisions the personnel record, requisite clearances, credential(s) and visitor details into C•CURE 9000
  • SAFE agent for C•CURE 9000 includes built-in data mappings for the objects that get provisioned into the access control system
  • Provides complete audit trail for all transactions executed between SAFE and C•CURE as well as with other external systems
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