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Deister proxSafe Key Management System

All Monitored in One Interface for Faster Reaction Times. All Events Recorded in One Place for Better Accountability.

Everywhere you go, physical keys are still a vital part of securing rooms, assets, vehicles, weapons, and more. proxSafe key management systems provide an automated way to easily and securely manage all of your keys, providing real time information about who has which keys

Integrating with C•CURE 9000 links that information with other access privilege and clearance information to provide enterprise-wide visibility of critical events from one interface - significantly improving safety, security, and compliance.

  • For Security Directors and Administrators:
  • * Enter data into one system to reduce data entry errors
  • * Simplifies operator training and onboarding
  • * Saves time and money in system administration and maintenance
  • * Improves accountability and compliance
  • For Security Operators:
  • * Control, alarm, and audit physical keys, radios, weapons, and other assets all through C•CURE
  • * Reduces fatigue by eliminating toggling between applications
  • * Correlates alarms for complete picture and faster response times to security issues
  • * Investigation times cut in half with consolidated journals and reports