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Simplex 4100U/ES Fire Alarm Control Panel Integration

The C•CURE 9000 provides advanced, seamless integration with the 4100U/ES fire alarm control panels from Simplex®, allowing you to monitor their important fire devices from the C•CURE monitoring station. Simplex’s 4100U/ES panels combine superior fire protection and information management. You have the ability to receive secondary annunciation from the linked fire alarms. The 4100U/ES fire panels can support up to 2000 signals allowing security personnel to view all critical events, including access violations, video alarms, and now fire alarms, from one centralized station.

  • Provides ability to view all critical security and fire events in one station on one screen
  • Provides seamless integration with industry-leading Simplex 4100U/ES fire alarm control panels
  • Supports up to 2000 signals through an RS-232 serial port
  • All fire alarm activity is stored in the C•CURE journal for future investigative reporting
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