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iSTAR Pro Door Controller

iSTAR Pro is an intelligent, modular controller that offers a cost-effective access control solution for up to 16 doors. It features on-board Ethernet, optional dial-up modem communications, full DHCP and WINS support, and up to 128 MB memory - enough to store over 1,000,000 cardholders.

  • * Supports redundant backup of configuration data
  • * Easily add features and enhance functionality with a compact flash slot
  • * LCD provides important controller status and diagnostics information
  • * Equipped with LEDs for each output, Ethernet and serial communication, and onboard “heart-beat” monitor to ensure consistent operation
  • * DHCP support automatically assigns IP addresses for easy installation
  • * Supports multiple cards per cardholder and multiple formats for a highly secure, flexible solution
  • * Compatible with C•CURE 9000 and C•CURE800/8000
  • * Available in two rack-mount models