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SALTO Offline Locks

SALTO Offline Locks are ideal for interior doors that require a moderate level of security, such as storage and office areas. No cabling is required. These locks offer flexibility within any project where the cost of a fully wired door is not justified. Security operators can control access to all doors into and within a facility through the C•CURE 9000 user interface, based on communications between C•CURE 9000 and the SALTO server. SALTO online readers are used to update cards for offline reader access.

  • * Seamless integration with C•CURE 9000 security and event management system
  • * Offline, wireless and wireless-ready locks supported
  • * High level interface between C•CURE 9000 and offline lock system using SHIP (SALTO Host Interface Protocol)
  • * SALTO online readers to update cards for offline reader access
  • * Offline transactions shared via cards are synchronized with C•CURE 9000 server
  • * Suitable for storage areas, office spaces and other areas where real-time security monitoring is not a priority
  • * Flexible design that can be fitted to almost any type of door
  • * Ideal to replace a key management system
  • * Can be installed on almost any type of door ranging from narrow profile, aluminum doors, heavy duty doors, panic bars, glass doors and many more.
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