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Retail global shrinkage totalled US$114.8 billion in 2009. Global shrink increased 5.9% from 2008 to 2009. North America experienced the greatest year over year increase at 8.1%.*

The majority of the increase in shrink is attributed to an increase in shoplifting, due to the global economic situation. However, a significant portion of total shrink is attributed to employee theft, depending on the region the ratios vary. North America and Latin America have the largest percentage of shrink from employee theft.



These are shocking statistics but account for only some of the issues facing today's retailers. Trip/Slip claims and business efficiencies such as queue management, merchandising trends and warehouse controls are all common challenges for the retail industry and can be met with an integrated solution from Tyco Security Products.



Having cameras positioned effectively and recording high quality images is an essential deterrent. Our integrated solution can monitor suspect areas or be linked to the point of sale which is in turn recorded via the integrated digital video recorder when an alarm/event is activated. Video clips can be quick exported to DVD/USB for any ensuing police investigation.

Violence/Abuse Against Staff

Business Efficiencies

This is a totally unacceptable issue facing staff but with an effective CCTV monitoring system employees have the peace of mind to know that any incidents will be seen on cameras and then recorded onto the Video Management System.

An integrated video & access control system can improve retailers' business efficiencies. A store manager responsible for many stores must have the ability to monitor them all remotely from any location. Using the free remote monitoring software supplied with every Intellex, store efficiency can be enhanced by monitoring queues, car parks, the effectiveness of in store promotions and much more. Trip/Slips claims can also be validated by using the advanced search facility on our Management System greatly reducing insurance claims.

Using our access control software can help establish clearly defined access zones in warehouses/loading bays/storage rooms ensuring only authorized personnel are admitted at the correct times. Any unauthorized access attempts will trigger an alarm that will be captured by the cameras and then recorded onto the video management system where an alarm is activated, displayed live on the Tyco access control system enabling the operator to respond in an appropriate manner.

With an integrated solution from Tyco Security Products we can provide a proven application for your unique retail requirements.

*Figures from the 2009 Global Retail Theft Barometer