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Perimeter Detection

Seamless perimeter intrusion integration allows for notification, monitoring, acknowledgement and cancelling of perimeter alarms via the AC2000 access control system. Perimeter maps and icons can be positioned within the AC2000 Security Hub application alongside access control readers and associated cameras.

FFT Cams

CEM Systems has partnered with FFT CAMS (Future Fibre Technologies) to enable perimeter detection alarms to be incorporated into the CEM AC2000 access control platform.


FFT Cams 3

The AC2000 Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) Central Alarms Monitoring System 3 (CAMS 3) interface for perimeter detection allows alarms and events, controllers and zones from a FFT CAMS 3 installation to be incorporated into AC2000


Southwest Microwave

The AC2000 Southwest Microwave interface for perimeter detection allows alarms and events, detection systems and zones from Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID™ Series II perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) to be incorporated into AC2000. This enables AC2000 to act as the central Security Management System (SMS).