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Kantech IP Link makes it easy and affordable to manage your Kantech access control system over a network. IP Link manages polling of door controllers and communicates with the EntraPass software only when an event has occurred for lower bandwidth usage. IP Link is easy to set up and configure. Use an EntraPass workstation, a web browser, or the KT-Finder, an intuitive standalone application designed to locate and configure the IP Link. IP Link uses 128-bit AES encryption to communicate with Entrapass software which ensures secure communication when used over the Internet. IP Link leverages Kantech's robust KT-300 door controller to offer a powerful security solution for any size application. The EntraPass Access Control System can control access from one door to thousands of doors and, with IP Link, can effortlessly communicate over an existing network.

  • * Powerful solution for connecting KT-300 door controllers to existing network infrastructure
  • * Secure communication via 128-bit AES encryption
  • * Configured using either a static or dynamic IP address
  • * Supports up to 512 IP Links per EntraPass Gateway for a cost-effective solution to managing multiple remote sites
  • * Communicates over the network only as required, keeping network traffic to a minimum
  • * Plug and play setup makes it quick and easy to use with EntraPass access control software
  • * Supports up to 32 door controllers per device
  • * Compatible with version 4.0 and higher of: EntraPass Special, Corporate and Global Editions (Global Edition with Corporate Gateway only)
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