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StoneLock GO Facial Recognition Reader

StoneLock GO is a next generation biometric reader redefining security and authentication.StoneLock® GO is built using “faceless” recognition technology intentionally designed to protect users — by safeguarding their privacy without the use of photographs and eliminating the need to touch.

While an access card or password can be misplaced, shared, or cloned, the inherent properties used to authenticate users through StoneLock ensure that the only people accessing your facility are the ones who have been granted permission.

  • * Manage StoneLock database through real-time integration with C•CURE 9000
  • * Users created in C•CURE 9000 can automatically enroll and verify anywhere
  • * StoneLock GO Reader display walks users through a simple, self-guided enrollment process
  • * Faceless recognition protects user privacy; storing no pictures or video or users
  • * Unparalleled anti-spoofing near infrared technology
  • * Completely contactless technology
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