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Software House RM Series Card Readers

The wide-ranging suite of RM card readers offers the features and flexibility you need to handle the most demanding access control applications. Choose from four different supported card technologies: magnetic stripe, proximity, HID® iCLASS®, and multi-technology. The RM Multi-Technology reader reads both proximity and smart cards providing an ideal solution for customers looking to transition from proximity to a more secure smart card solution.

  • * Full suite of RM readers supports 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz technologies with keypad and LCD
  • * HID multiCLASS reader reads iCLASS SE and Seos smart cards
  • * Seamlessly integrates with the entire range of Software House solutions
  • * Each RM reader provides two supervised inputs and two control point outputs
  • * Operates in star or multi-drop configuration to support diverse security needs
  • * Built-in tamper switch and security screws protect reader electronics
  • * Rugged design suitable for interior or exterior environment
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