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Stratus Technologies' everRun and SplitSite Redundancy Platforms

Stratus Technologies' everRun and SplitSite provide a high-availability, fault tolerant business continuity solution for C•CURE systems. Many organizations look to minimize system downtime. When systems are down, security monitoring operations stop and this can have a huge impact on a company’s employees and assets. Sometimes data can be lost – forever. With C•CURE running on Stratus’ everRun platforms you no longer have to take the risk of data loss in the event of a system failure.

  • C•CURE systems utilize fault tolerant platform for around-the-clock access control protection
  • Scalable system grows with changing business requirements
  • Protects all components in the application infrastructure
  • Requires no application modifications or scripting
  • Automated system requires minimal IT staff to operate
  • Zero downtime saves IT staff from performing time consuming data recoveries
  • Significantly reduces costs and operational risks caused by server failure
  • Alerts authorized personnel of any actual or potential system failure
  • A redundant system compatible with C•CURE 9000 and C•CURE 800/8000