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Standard Interface Communication

Integrate third party devices such as intercom, intrusion, elevator, and fire detection with C•CURE 9000 via the Software House General Purpose Interface. The interface receives messages from any third party device and interprets them for C•CURE 9000 to understand. The messages are translated as C•CURE 9000 journal messages or as events. The General Purpose Interface has been designed to communicate with C•CURE 9000 and provide output messages to third party devices through the use of action activation.

  • * Provides standard interface communication between C•CURE 9000 and any third-party device
  • * Works with any device that uses ASCII code for communications protocol for event monitoring
  • * Sends ASCII messages via a serial port (RS-232) or remotely via a TCP/IP port into the standard interface interface driver
  • * Maintains open communication by polling the third-party device
  • * Interprets messages for C•CURE 9000 from third party devices
  • * Provides output messages from C•CURE 9000 to third party devices