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High Assurance Security Solution

C•CURE 9000 Security and Event Management System integrated with the Innometriks High Assurance Security Solution (hardware and software) provides a powerful architecture that features an end-to-end FICAM-compliant PACS system for PIV/CAC credential validation, PACS enrollment and fast processing speeds for certificate validation at the reader in under two seconds. Ideal for small, medium and enterprise government and commercial environments alike, the authentication module is embedded into iSTAR Ultra to support ongoing, periodic certificate status updates. The iSTAR Ultra can continue to process credentials even if the network or controller is offline up to your defined cut off time.

The Software House and Innometriks end-to-end solution’s hardware and software products provide high assurance that meets or exceeds the credential authentication requirements set forth by the U.S. Government identity programs. Strong authentication verifies an individual's identity using technologies including biometrics, smartcards, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital signatures to provide a level of assurance above and beyond that available through non-smart card ID card mechanisms.

  • * Strong identity authentication using smart card, PIN and biometrics
  • * Cost-effective, powerful PIV/PIV-I/CAC/CIV/TWIC credential validation, enrollment and authentication solution reduces total installation costs with pre-installed appliance
  • * Immediate verification of biometric data for secure authentication
  • * Authentication services embedded in iSTAR Ultra eliminates the need for third-party add-on boards
  • * Efficient design reduces IT management costs with less time required for updating software
  • * Intuitive C•CURE 9000 PIV/CAC card enrollment client software
  • * Compatible with a wide range of FICAM-approved readers that use security industry standards for OSDP-secure communications
  • * Supports PIV credential data management via multiple authoritative data bases for federal agencies and Department of Defense (DoD) customers
  • * Supports up to 5,000 readers per single server and 40 Satellite Application Servers in an Enterprise environment
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