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StoneLock Pro Facial Recognition Reader

StoneLock® Pro from StoneLock, Inc. is an extremely fast and accurate infrared biometric facial recognition device. It is designed for access control applications providing instant, easy, and reliable confirmation of identity. Combine StoneLock Pro with C•CURE 9000, the industry’s leading access control and event management system, and you have a solution that satisfies even the most stringent security applications looking to thwart common bad practices such as weak PINs, code sharing, propping doors open, etc.

  • * Extremely rapid biometric authentication, scanning over 2,000 facial points in less than a second
  • * Easy to configure and operate, saving significant time and money for the customer
  • * No Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored
  • * All users, events, permissions, and schedules managed by C•CURE 9000 for truly integrated operation
  • * Modular unit design with built-in keypad and HID iCLASS® SE or Multiclass SE readers
  • * Easily changes to multifactor authentication - including 3-factor - eliminating the need for a rip and replace
  • * Used to secure the most critical assets and property of nearly half of the Fortune 100 companies
  • * Ideal for critical security requirements of data centers, biotech and pharmaceutical labs, bank cash vaults, commercial and industrial installations, healthcare, luxury apartments and smart home
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