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Aiphone AN-8000EX Exchange Servers

Aiphone's AN-8000EX exchange server communicates with C•CURE 9000 to connect a wide variety of intercom units and monitor, and send commands that identify calls placed among all units tied to this server's intercom network.

  • * Seamlessly integrates with C•CURE 9000 security and event management system
  • * Network-based intercom system consisting of an exchange unit and dedicated master and door stations
  • * Connects any combination of door and master stations up to sixteen units
  • * Up to 80 exchanges can be included on a system for a total of 1280 communication devices
  • * Efficient method of communicating over LAN or WAN using existing infrastructure
  • * Full complement of PC programmable functions including Redial, Recall, Auto-dialing, Group Call, and more
  • * Automatic echo canceller prevents clipping and ghosting during hands-free simultaneous conversation
  • * Stations incorporate a built-in speaker to allow paging through the units
  • * Provides paging through an overhead speaker network with broadcast capabilities of up to 160-zones